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Then, ebay baits the hook with some attractive perks to get you in to a year long subscription on a store, then they change some of the most important reasons of having a store in the first place without even giving you the chance to opt out of your subscription with no cancellation fee.Need help selling a specific product? Here are some tips and best practices to help you make extra money selling popular items on eBay.

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I will also look at my own Webstore and Amazon when I start private labeling(coming up with a unique branding and product idea is a little higher risk and takes time for the less imaginative among us).The couple who've made £8million on eBay. The couple quit their jobs and began selling on eBay in February 2006 using a s400laptop. Just like the corner shop.

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Even then, if I have a niche I may decide to invest in my own store.He claimed it was defective and when it was returned I noticed that the pins to the CPU socket were bent from installing a CPU incorrectly.After all of this happened, I started reading reviews regarding Bonanza only to find out that they had done this so many times to so many sellers.It also seemed as if they were trying to become like Ebay and simply forget about the seller.We are welcoming them in as we are the marketplace that is all the rage.Till the end of 2016 Delcampe auctions with have more items listed in all categories then eBay, and many US ebay sellers are joining delcampe.

This platform is not one of the cheapest eBay selling alternatives, however.

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Why in the world are they doing all these idiotic things to their sellers and themselves.

I guess because they knew the item was hard to sell and they found a sucker.Ebay is like a bunch of nazis controlling you with a bunch of social justice type millinials waiting to mess with you any chance they get.I am moving over to Bonanza.

My comment was: WHY I AM SELLING ON DELCAMPE WITH 1 MILLION MEMBERS MORE THEN ON EBAY WITH 150 MILLION MEMBERS.I have created a facebook store, paid for facebook and google advertising (never made a sale from them).They will allow you to import your eBay Feedback which is a great benefit, Support response time is excellent although it can be brief and not cover all of the points you raise.AliExpress is part of It offers a wide range of products at wholesale prices complete with buyer protection and express delivery with full tracking.They then closed all my listings for COACH, I had hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.When I received the computer back I did a complete inspection and found that the computer had been taken apart, the ram cover plate had not been put back on (pictures taken of everything as proof), and the black cover on the laptop had been broken off and reattached using a hot glue gun.

Buy and Sell in your local area. WITH MAMABWEZA BEST WORKING LOTTERY SPELLS CASTER,WIN. ebay and other trustworthy sites like ebay we do not.I stated that I had all the receipts from purchasing the items at COACH stores.Craigslist: Want ads work so much better on the Web than in print that newspaper want ads are all but extinct.Artfire also has a solid reputation for good customer service and site management.The Best Online Sites to Sell Items. This will enable you to list as many items as you like and also allow you access to. Fees for Selling on eBay; Artfire: Get.I suspect there will be many instances of this but, of course, we never hear about them.

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Webstore is a totally free online marketplace for buyers and sellers.

I tried to resolve the issue with them and they pretty much told me TOO BAD TOO SAD.How can Ebay tell a buyer that they are not required to return the watch once they have received a full refund.

I agree with the poster above who says that we all should stop buying on e-bay.But with so much competition even that is no longer so helpful.Trying to resolve some issues is like talking to a politician.I can think of no other commercial organisation who can continually bite the hands that feed them and continue to prosper.10 Hot Product Niches to Sell or Drop. so you may decide to continue with it or bring in the best selling products for. like an online marketplace (eBay,.

Anyone that comments how wonderful ebay is, is most likely not a seller, a part-time, a few sales a month seller, or a brand new seller.They never even looked at the other 4 orders that were processed, shipped and received by the other people who purchased from me.Rule changes and loss of tools reduce an auction to so much muddy water.Ebay is an industry giant that wants to run your business, and is difficult for many smaller sites to compete with.

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Looking for some serious alternatives to eBay in order to buy or sell your goods.

12 Best Places to Buy and Sell Art. some of the best. product offerings like electronics and sporting goods. eBay has a popular collectibles.I paid for the subscriptions and all forms of their advertisement and received 6 sales in 4 days.Most of these sites get far, far less traffic than ebay does when ebay illegally hides your paid listings.I believe if you all team up with us, we could create a formidable competition for ebay in no time.Etsy has its own unique culture and an exceptionally loyal following.In addition, the Bonanza completely locked me out of the account to where I could not see any of my historical correspondence, money paid, or sales received.When I requested at the very least a refund on the subscription based on me only being on there for 4 days, they sent me another canned response and dismissed me.What is the best way to sell old Longaberger baskets?. some are selling on eBay. You might check through the list and see if any are like your mom's baskets.

Best Selling Item Results From. One Response to “What are the Hottest Selling Items on Ebay?. eBay used to have a trending items page. Like everything.In my opinion, D is the BEST marketplace for those sellers who do not accept various stupid.